Mujhe kaheen aur dastakh dena hai lekar pemaane!!

Kuch fasile bane aur kuch khud bune
Accha yehi hai jo bhi bane khud bune
Fasilon ka bhi kya khub hai jo jaane
Kab kis tarah fasilon se anjane bane
Bhul gaye taiy kiya hua rasta kaise jaane
Duriyan dekh samjhe ajnabi jaane-pehachane
Ek roz milenge kabhi phir nazdik kab jaane
Tab yaad gar kuch aaye to lage pehachaane
To salaam - dua karna na bhulna begaane
Waqt ho chala hai bahut yahan mere parwane
            Mujhe kaheen aur dastakh dena hai lekar pemaane!!!

~ fiza

For those friends who like to read my poetry but don't understand the language here is a bit of it's taste in English:

Few distances came in and few were made in
It's good that whatever happened it happened by itself
What to say about the distances also, those who know
When one didn't realize about the distances
How did one forget the distances that were made
Distances are telling now how known became stranger
one day will meet sometime close by.. when I don't know
Remember if you recognize then
Don't forget oh stranger to say "hello"
It's been a long time that you have been here like a moth
I need to knock somewhere else with my glass of wine


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