Sunday, June 23, 2013

Kuch dur kaheen koi aahat si

Kuch dur kaheen koi aahat si
Nazar aati hai parchayee si
Asmanjas aur vidambana si
Kabhi saans ke thamne si
To saans ke jhat chalne si
Kaale badalon ke ghirne si
To barasane ki dhamki si
Ek gumraah karne ki chaal si
Manhus waqt ke saajish si
Mere peeche woh ghumti si
Kisi bhavandar mein phisalne si
Ehasaas na sirf ehasaas si
Zindagi se juda hui si
Ek woh pal bhi aaya
Jab meine use juda kar diya
Haan! aise meri mrityu si
Meine seene se laga liya
~ fiza

Translation may not bring the essence however... :)

A noise from far somewhere 
looks like a shadow
looks like dilemma and confusion
sometimes as if breath is stopping
at times it feels as if breathing
like how the black clouds have covered 
or as if about to rain 
as if a game plan to misguide me
a game plan to create a bad time
as if running behind me
as if slipping into a whirlpool
feelings are not mere feelings as though
parting with life
that moment also came in
when I parted it from me
yes, just like my death
I embraced it with my heart
~ o ~

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